Why Branding is ESSENTIAL to a Successful Marketing Strategy: 6 Key Takeaways

Branding is a huge part of business strategy and growth. Here we break down why it’s critical to invest in your branding in our increasingly visual, content-driven world of marketing.

why branding is essential to building a successful business

Do Businesses Need A Strong Brand To Be Successful?

Businesses are built on building products and services to their customers.

But in today’s world, where consumers are more savvy and visually switched on than ever, it’s your brand that will help your business grow and thrive.

So in thisap post, we’ll deep dive why branding is essential to a successful marketing strategy, and why having a brand is important for a small business, let alone a huge corporation.

Why The Best Brands Make Customers Feel Something

Marketing is an emotional thing. It’s about talking to humans, appealing to their feelings and desires.

Marketing is about the value a customer gets from the brand itself, not the product.

That’s why a huge part of having a brand is having crystal clear values.

A brand value isn’t to be ‘cheaper, smarter, faster’ – those are all benefits. Brand values would be ‘friendly’ or ‘customer-oriented’.

Apple Sells Lifestyles, Not Devices

If you think about Apple, when they sell you an iPhone, they don’t talk about 16 megapixel camera quality and hyper-fast shutter speed.

No way. That’s functional, technical sales talk.

When marketing the iPhone, Apple often talk about unlocking creativity and making memories – values that are much more likely to resonate emotionally with their demographic.

Check their ad for the iPhone 14 Pro out, which weaves in product functions and benefits against a highly cinematic and artistic visual narrative:

That’s what Apple are great at: they’re leaders in selling emotion, experience and community, rather than straightforward product specs.

Of course the specs are nice to have, but it’s the brand that we buy into rather than the thing itself.

That’s what gets Apple loyal customers time and again – even if their products cost 300% more than a rival technology brand. We feel like we’re part of something meaningful.

And that’s why branding is essential.

Branding makes the difference between a one-time customer, and a customer for life.
The Smart Strategist

An excellent book that dissects how certain brands like Apple and Doc Marten have built up a cult following is Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing by Alex Wipperfurth.

Consumer-Brand Relationships Are Inherently Emotional

A consumer-brand relationship, also known as a Brand Relationship is the relationship that consumers think, feel, and have with a product or company brand beyond their services or products.

It’s about the emotional feeling they get, the emotional and intangible value that your brand gives them beyond the physical and functional value, that makes them choose your business, again and again, even if a competitor offers the same product or service cheaper.

The best brands are memorable ones.

If your brand isn’t memorable, if it doesn’t make them feel something, you risk customers forgetting about you – no matter how good your product or service might be.

So with that in mind, let’s discuss why branding is essential for growing your business long-term.

6 Reasons Why Branding is Essential for Your Business

1. Branding differentiates you from your competitors:

A strong brand helps you stand out in a crowded market by differentiating your products or services from those of your competitors.

Having a brand niche, clear brand values or expressing distinctive opinion attracts the right type of customers and helps you scale faster than having a generalised pool of people you’re speaking to.

Remember: marketing is all about speaking to your customer personas and mindsets.

2. Branding helps create customer loyalty:

Branding helps build a strong emotional connection with your customers, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

The stronger that connection, beyond how good your product or service is, the more customers will choose your brand over any other.

3. Branding reinforces your credibility in your industry:

A well-established brand can increase your credibility and make your business appear more trustworthy to potential customers.

Think about it: if you were choosing between a company with a striking and consistent logo and colour palette, versus one with a terrible website and no attention to branding detail, who would you most likely choose?

Branding builds credibility.

4. Branding increases memorability and recognition:

A strong brand makes it easier for customers to recognise your business and distinguish it from others.

The more memorable your brand is, the more embedded you are in your customer’s minds, and the more likely they are to continue supporting and buying into your brand.

5. Branding boosts value perception:

A well-established brand can create and increase perception of value in the minds of consumers, leading them to be willing to pay more for your products or services.

The more premium and far-reaching your branding is, the more value it will be perceived to have.

6. Branding helps make marketing more efficient:

Effective branding can make your marketing efforts more efficient and cost-effective by providing a clear message and visual identity that can be used across all marketing channels.

It also saves time reinventing the wheel on things like colour, tone, voice.

Again, simplicity is the key to making something memorable.

Why Branding Is Essential For Making Your Content Work Smarter, And Scaling Your Business Faster

Branding is a huge part of business strategy today. That’s why branding is essential to invest in.

The world’s biggest and most successful brands reduce, reuse and recycle content to work smarter and retain familiarity with their customers.

This is something smaller brands and startups can learn from: consistency over everything.

The Takeaway: Consistency Breeds Successful Brands

Which in turn makes successful businesses.

In our increasingly visual, content-driven world of marketing, you have to do branding well.

Do it consistently.

And you’ll start seeing results.

If you’re just starting out – here are some of the best tools we recommend for designing an incredible brand.

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